Sinotruk Shandeka Anti Collision Buffer Car & Truck Bed Trucks

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The anti-collision buffer truck of Sinotruk adopts the chassis of National VI Sinotruk Shandeka. The lifting of the anti-collision buffer module adopts hydraulic control, the process is stable and safe, the degree of mechanized operation is high, and the operation is convenient. The anti-collision buffer module adopts the 100E anti-collision buffer module, a technical product of the domestic Qianxingda company. Covered by Pacific Insurance.
This car is suitable for urban roads, suburban roads, highways, airport bridges and culverts, and other occasions. The main function: It is placed behind road construction workers and equipment, acts as a buffer area for the vehicle and construction workers or equipment in the event of a rear-end collision, and absorbs impact energy through its own structural deformation, minimizing the danger of construction workers or equipment. The probability of an accident, while minimizing the risk of the vehicle and personnel involved in the accident.

Chassis Configuration:

National VI Sinotruk Shandeka cab, chassis model ZZ1187K501GF1, Weichai 220 hp National VI diesel engine, wheelbase 5000mm, number of springs 7/7+6, 10.00R20 steel wire tire, with steering assist, original clutch assist, original factory Air conditioning, beautiful appearance of the chassis, spacious space, comfortable driving.

Top Loading Configuration:

The Q235 national standard edge 3mm bottom plate pattern plate is 4mm thick, and the rear anti-collision buffer module package of the box adopts the internationally renowned technical product 100E anti-collision buffer module. Acts as a buffer guard behind construction work vehicles. In the event of a rear-end collision, a buffer area can be constructed between the vehicle involved and the construction work area ahead, and the impact energy can be absorbed through structural deformation of the machine tool, thereby minimizing the chance of the protected personnel and equipment being collided with. A high-performance hydraulic system can realize rapid lifting and lowering operation, convenient for equipment transportation and transition, one-key start function, lifting and falling anti-collision device, when the anti-collision device is not completely lowered to the working position or lifted to the vertical transport position, there will be an automatic warning sound prompt.

Vehicle issued:

Chassis certificate, vehicle certificate, motor vehicle registration invoice, vehicle tools, vehicle warranty manual, national service station directory, etc.

Vehicle technical parameters:

Product Model CLW5140TFZZ6 Anti-Collision Buffer Truck Chassis Model ZZ1187K501GF1 
Engine Model WP4.6NQ220E61   Rated Power(kw) 162
Curb Weight(kg) 13620,13555  Total Mass(kg) 13750
Dimensions(L×W×H)(mm) 8510×2500×3820 Front suspension/rear suspension (mm) 1430/2080 
Front track(mm) 2035 Wheelbase(mm) 5000
Rear track(mm) 1860 Front and rear tire specifications 10.00R20 steel wire tire
Approach Angle(°)  19 Departure Angle(°) 17
Top Speed(km/h) 80,90 Axle load(KG) 4500/9250
Anti-Collision Weight(t) 2 Anti-Collision Buffer Level(km/h) 100
Operating Method Electronic Control The number of occupants in the cab 2,3


The Main Structure:

  1. The main structure and working principle

The upper part of the anti-collision buffer truck is mainly composed of the cargo box assembly, the induction arrow light (patented product), the anti-collision buffer module, the hydraulic system, and the electrical system. in a falling level state.
The VIN marking is on the front right side of the chassis frame. (For details, please refer to the introduction of the chassis manual)

  1. Cargo box

The material is a Q235 WISCO carbon steel plate. The cargo box is composed of a bottom frame and side panels, which are connected to the chassis girder through U-bolts, which can be used for loading tools, accessories, and other items. There is a side door in the middle of the cargo box, which is convenient for construction and operation.

  1. Induction light

It is composed of LED lights and can achieve three different working modes: left induction, right induction, and bilateral induction through different arrangements and combinations.

  1. Anti-collision module

The Q235 national standard edge 3mm bottom plate pattern plate is 4mm thick, and the rear anti-collision bag of the box adopts the CANSINGA-TMA 100E model produced by a well-known domestic company: Shenzhen Qianxingda Technology Co., Ltd. The high-performance hydraulic system can achieve rapid lifting and Drop operation, is convenient for equipment transportation and transition, one-key start function, is equipped with customized warning lights, and LED warning display, passed the US NCHRP350TL-2 crash test, can absorb the impact energy of a 2-ton vehicle at a speed of 100 kilometers per hour, anti-collision The interior of the cushion is filled with aerospace-grade cushioning materials. When an accidental rear-end collision occurs with a vehicle, the cushioning material is compressed and deformed, thereby absorbing the collision energy.

Advantages and characteristics of Chengli anti-collision buffer car:

1. Anti-collision capacity of crash pad: (1.1t~2.27t)-100km/h
    2. Structural appearance: The anti-collision cushion adopts an integrated rectangular design, without any form of deformation such as inward bending connecting rods.
    3. Performance requirements: 1. The anti-collision cushion has a two-stage energy absorption function, which can meet the fast replacement function of external parts under low-speed impact. 2. During the collision, all energy-absorbing materials and deformed parts of the bumper are effectively wrapped in the bumper, and no material is allowed to splash into other adjacent lanes.
    4. Anti-collision level and certification material requirements: Collision-proof cushions can be provided. Refer to the "MASH2016" anti-collision level test standard for forward rear-end/biased forward-end collision/biased rear-end collision. A real car issued by a third-party professional testing agency Collision detection report.
    5. Quality Assurance: The anti-collision cushion is guaranteed by well-known insurance companies.
    6. Warning equipment facilities and installation requirements: The buffer pads are equipped with synchronous lighting systems (turning lights, brake lights, parking lights, strip strobe lights, etc.) during operation and driving.

7. Arrows leading to the light stand and programmable LED display screen: The arrow guide sign device consists of 13 circulars LED lights (yellow light) with a single LED light luminous intensity of not less than 2100 lumens (providing a test report of light intensity) arrow lights (patented product), which can be rotated left and right to form "Left Lane driving, driving in the right lane, with 4 square strobe lights” and other road driving signs, the road driving signs are towards the rear of the vehicle. LED display: the largest size (length 1900mm*height 620mm). Installed on the top of the arrow guide light holder at the rear of the vehicle. The electronic display is shown in the picture of the equipment listing announcement. The supporting information release system is included to change the content of the display release in time.
    8. Cargo box: The integrated reinforced body is made of profiled steel and steel plate, and is connected with the chassis beam of the car through bolts and steel bars. The integrated body should include a large and fully open cargo box. The middle of the cargo box is convenient for users to store up and down Steps for various maintenance tools and rescue and rescue equipment.
    9. Control system: The anti-collision cushion is retractable, and the arrow indicator control and the control of the LED display are all controlled by wireless remote control imported from Taiwan.

    10. 2 sets of directional loudspeakers: 1. Acoustic technology, realizes directional transmission of warning sound, with a strong warning effect; 2. Super penetrating, can still transmit clearly in complex road traffic environment; 3. Accurate sound Covering area control; 4. The sound is environmentally friendly, does not destroy the original environmental sound field, and does not affect the normal road traffic order. 5. Rainproof, sunscreen, and corrosion-resistant, adapt to the changing natural environment.
   11. Strip-type strobe light: equipped with strip-type strobe light
   12. Overturning structure system: The hydraulic system driven by DC power is adopted, and the anti-collision cushion adopts the hydraulic system driven by DC power. The lifting and lowering operation can be carried out without stopping the wireless remote control during driving.

The main function:

The main function of the anti-collision buffer device is to provide comprehensive and passive safety protection for road maintenance workers and equipment in temporarily closed sections of lanes. The impact energy is absorbed by the deformation of the anti-collision cushion, which effectively protects the construction personnel and equipment, and at the same time protects the safety of the personnel in the collision vehicle to the greatest extent. The maximum anti-collision buffer level of the crash pad is 2000kg-100km/h. The aviation aluminum film dimple material used in the crash pad will undergo controllable deformation to effectively absorb the impact energy. The buffer module can be moved up and down and locked in two positions. When in operation, the module: will be locked in a horizontal position. When driving, the module will be locked in the upright position to improve the driving performance. Construction of daily maintenance of expressways and municipal roads.

Anti-Collision Buffer Cushion Model:



Anti-collision buffer performance


Ground Clearance/mm


Buffer Length/mm


Buffer Width/mm


Buffer Thickness/mm


Weight /kg


(100K means that it meets the specifications for safe buffering and energy absorption when the rear vehicle (2.27t) hits at a speed of 100Km/h.)