National VI Heavy Duty Truck Shandeka Vacuum Truck

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Chassis Configuration:

Adopt Sinotruk original rear double-axle chassis, CLW5250TDYZ6, chassis model ZZ5256XXYN504GF1, luxury cab, Sinotruk 310-horsepower National VI engine, Sinotruk 10-speed gearbox, flanged power take-off, 4300+1350 wheelbase, 11.00 steel wire Tire with spare tire, original air conditioner, ABS, environmental protection, and exemption.

Top Loading Configuration:

The volume of the tank is 16 cubic meters. The tank is a square and round tank. The inside of the tank is made of glass flakes for anti-corrosion. The steel plate of the tank is made of Q235 carbon steel. The whole vehicle has all the functions of a sprinkler (front flush, rear spray, side spray, platform). anti-aircraft gun), air cylinder (controlling front flushing and rear spraying in the cab), water level alarm (it will alarm or automatically stop working when the tank is short of water), standard Yifeng 60/90 water pump, 1 artesian valve, and 1 fire joint, 2 water pipes.

Fog Cannon Parameters:

60m-120m fog cannon

Main Parameters:

Item Main parameters
Vehicle Model Chengliwei CLW5250TDYZ6 Multifunctional Fog Cannon Truck

Chassis model, category, manufacturer

ZZ1251N464GE1 Class II
China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Jinan Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd.


Emission Standard


GB3847-2005,GB17691-2005 National V1

Engine Model


Engine Manufacturer


Power (kw)/ Horsepower (ps)


Emissions (ml)


Fuel Type


Vehicle Basic Parameters

Dimensions (Length X Width X Height)(mm)


Number Of Axes



Rated occupant 2,3 persons

Mass parameter (kg)

Total Mass 25000
Curb Weight


Rated Load Mass


Front Track(mm)


Rear Track(mm)


Approach/Departure (°)


Front suspension/rear suspension (mm)


Tire specification


Top Speed(km/h) 101


Transmission description

Tenth gear

ABS anti-lock braking system


Special function

Tank volume (m³)


Tank material

Q235 carbon steel

Sprinkling width


Range of green sprinkler

Columnar≥28m, Mist≥15m

Fog Cannon


Equipped with high-power sprinkler pump, with self-priming and self-draining function, vertical suction distance > 6 meters. With front flushing road spraying device, rear fan-shaped dust suppression spraying device, spraying device on both sides, rear working platform, green sprinkler cannon installed on the platform (cannon spray shape adjustable), adjustable straight-through, heavy rain, moderate rain, Drizzle, can be adjusted continuously, 1 artesian valve and fire joint, 2 water pipes of 3 meters. Glass flakes are treated with anti-corrosion treatment in the tank.

Features of Dust Suppression Vehicle:

1. Low Water Level Alarm: can monitor the water level of the tank to prevent the water pump from drying out and bringing unnecessary losses; (as shown in Figure 1)


(Figure 1)

2. Cab Control Box: control the sprinkler function in the cab, the operation is more convenient; (as shown in Figure 2)


(figure 2)

3. Remote Control: It is operated by industrial-grade wireless remote control, the transmission distance can reach 100 meters, durable, safe, and reliable (as shown in Figure 3)


(figure 3)

4. Generator Cover: (as shown in Figure 4) the factory adopts a rolling shutter door, which is easy to operate, beautiful in appearance, and has a better heat dissipation effect. The inner wall is made of flame-retardant and silent cotton, which can effectively reduce noise; the ordinary generator cover the outside (As shown in Figure 5) The blinds used have poor heat dissipation, space restrictions, and no silent cotton.


(figure 4)


(figure 5)

5. Fog Cannon: The layout structure of sprayer nozzles adopts a hemispherical arrangement and is installed in the middle; this structure has the characteristics of concentrated water mist, long spray distance, and large water mist pressure. Figure 6)


(Figure 6)

6. Frequency converter: The circuit system of the sprayer adopts a frequency converter, which makes the voltage more stable (as shown in Figure 7)


(figure 7)

7. Stainless steel multi-stage centrifugal pump: The sprayer adopts a remote multi-stage centrifugal pump, which is all-in-one and maintenance-free. The pumps have the characteristics of large water absorption, high pressure, and long water spray distance (as shown in Figure 8)


(figure 8)

8. Connecting Plate: The chassis prevents the tank from loosening or shifting (as shown in Figure 9)


(figure 9)

9. Anti-corrosion Of Glass Flakes: Warranty for two years (as shown in Figure 10)



(figure 10)

10. Sprinkler Function Working Mode:


(Front Flush)


(Side Jet)


(Sprinkle At Back)


(Heavy Sprinkle)