JF Front Sweeping Mechanical Street Cleaning

By chenglizhuanqi

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Announcement Model: CLW5180GQXC6

Chassis Model: CA1180P62K1L2A1E6Z


Capacity: 9.66 cubic/water


It has an independent high-pressure water circuit system driven by the auxiliary engine and a low-pressure water circuit system driven by the chassis. High-pressure cleaning is efficient and water-saving, with a long cleaning distance, which is suitable for the characteristics of long distances for adding water on highways; the greening irrigation device for low-pressure waterways is suitable for low-speed driving conditions when watering highway green belts; the spray system can spray dust, adjust air humidity and Spray air disinfectant. The electric, hydraulic and gas centralized control of the vehicle, the whole vehicle has a good man-machine operation interface, the operation is convenient and flexible, and the driver can complete various actions in the cab equipped with air conditioning, which reduces the labor intensity of the driver, and makes the operation more convenient and flexible. safe and comfortable.