Jiefang Vacuum Suction Truck & Environmental Protection Truck

By chenglizhuanqi

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Introduction to the basic parameters of the product:

Product Name CLW5180GXWC6 Sewage Suction Truck Effective volume (m³) 12.6 m³
Dimensions 7750*2510*3600(mm)  The number of passengers in the cab (person) 2
Engine Parameters Engine Manufacturer China FAW Group Co., Ltd.
Engine Model CA4DK1-22E6  
Engine Power(kw) 165
Engine Horsepower 220
Emission Standard National VI 
Performance parameters Total Mass(kg) 18000
Curb Weight(kg) 8500
Rated Load Mass(kg) 9370
Wheelbase(mm) 4500
Top Speed(Km/h) 89
Tire Specifications 10.00 steel tire
Number Of Tires 6
Top Loading Standard Wastewater Tank Volume 12.6 cubic meters Vertical Suction 6-8 m
Suction Pipe Diameter Φ100mm  Maximum Inhaled Particle Φ100mm 

(1) Vehicle Configuration:

Chassis Configuration: Original FAW cab high-end chassis, Dachai 220 horsepower National VI diesel engine, wheelbase 4500, 10.00 steel wire tires, with steering assist, original air conditioning, with ABS death reporting system, the vehicle has a beautiful appearance and comfortable driving.

Top Loading Configuration:

Sewage tank: Q235 WISCO 6MM thick carbon steel plate, equipped with Yifeng high-power 8T ton double vacuum pump as standard (optional Yifeng SK-15 water circulation pump), oil-water separator, anti-overflow valve, and a fecal tube, equipped with one 8 meters of sewage suction pipe, the tank head is die-casted at one time, the tank is lifted, and the back cover is hydraulically opened. The dirt in the tank can be directly dumped through the back cover, which has the characteristics of high vacuum degree, large tonnage, high efficiency, and wider use.

(2) Car accessories details:

Vehicle issued: Chassis certificate, vehicle certificate, motor vehicle license plate invoice, vehicle tools, vehicle warranty manual, national service station directory, etc.

(3)Daily Maintenance and Precautions:

  1. The Sewage suction pump is maintained in strict accordance with the maintenance content of the manual.
  2. Pay attention to drainage and antifreeze in winter.
  3. If the sewage suction tank is overflowing, the air pipe, oil pipe, and vacuum pump should be cleaned in time.
  4. Check belt tension frequently