Logistics special vehicle with light weighting innovation

"Vacuum foamed polyurethane refrigerated truck is the future development direction and technology leader of high-end cold chain logistics special vehicles. After more than ten years of technical and painstaking research and development, we have applied for relevant national patents, and the technology is becoming more mature and large-scale. Going to the market, it has been tested and praised by users working in a complex environment.” The correspondent of this blog said in an interview with Wang Wenhai, the director of CLW Lightweight Professional Factory and also an expert in the industry.
Director Wang Wenhai further introduced the product performance and main parameters of this patented technology to the sales managers and customers who came to order vehicles at the special promotion meeting of the foamed polyurethane refrigerated trucks -- -- poly-Thermo King series products. And also, the leadership and characteristics of this product are presented.
Director Wang frankly said that the vacuum foamed polyurethane refrigerated truck produced by this technology featured fast cooling, long heat preservation, and low vehicle fuel consumption. All users can make more money when in use, and work efficiency has also been greatly improved. It is the mainstream star product in the high-quality development strategy of CLW GROUP.
The chief engineer of the Lightweight Professional Factory in CLW GROUP introduced the production process and core points of the poly-Thermo King series products in detail to the guests who participated in the recommendation meeting. Everyone listened to the introduction carefully, took notes, and exchanged ideas.
It is reported that the car floor and box in this vacuum foamed polyurethane are in a leading role in the industry in terms of compression resistance and thermal insulation effect. On the one hand, the bottom plate of the refrigerated truck, which is formed by one-time pressing of vacuum foamed polyurethane, is not only light in weight, but also extremely resistant to pressure, and can withstand the loading and unloading operations of forklifts, which improves work efficiency; on the other hand, the bottom plate and the box that both have been treated with lightweight technology not only have a long heat preservation time, but also is low in fuel consumption, anti-corrosion, and can run more and faster, saving energy consumption and logistics costs. In the physical use process, the overall performance of this high-end refrigerated truck is twice that of ordinary cold chain logistics vehicles. And it is known as a money-making artifact for two vehicles in the field of cold chain logistics.
Due to the excellent product quality and an enviable reputation among end-users, CLW GROUP's high-end cold chain logistics vans in lightweight vacuum foamed polyurethane is not only quite popular in the domestic market, but also have solid leadership in the foreign cold chain logistics market, especially in the countries and regions along the "Belt and Road" and "Maritime Silk Road", enjoying the worldwide reputation. Following the export of the first batch of 100 new energy compressed garbage trucks by CLW GROUP to Uzbekistan in early 2022, the Department of Foreign Trade of CLW won the second batch of export orders for 100 lightweight van refrigerated trucks as a good start for 2022.
April 16, 2022 —