Technology drives the future


Cltruck new energy vehicle

As of May 2021, we have developed more than 60 independent innovative new energy pure electric vehicle series products, such as pure electric sprinklers, washing, and sweeping vehicle, compressed garbage truck, dust collector, dust suppression vehicle, hook arm garbage trucks, closed garbage truck, road maintenance vehicle, kitchen garbage truck, etc.

Cltruck HD LED advertising car

CLTruck HD LED advertising car, with the advantages of being beautiful, durable, fashionable, and handsome, is far ahead of its peers in the market. For many years, its products have been the first in a row. It is the overlord of the advertising car market and the online celebrity product.

CLTruck high-speed intelligent anti-collision buffer vehicle

The anti-collision buffer car independently developed by CLTruck has greatly enhanced the protection function on the basis of the original function. It is mainly used for highway maintenance and construction. It can absorb the impact force of two tons at 120 kilometers per hour to ensure the safety of highway construction personnel.