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Support Team

Sales and Service Team

When you buy from our company, our sales staff will arrange everything for you. You can find the estimated shipping costs for each vehicle and its destination on our website. Shipping costs include insurance and all paperwork. In addition, our staff is fully aware of all local import restrictions, customs regulations, and shipping options.

Manufacturing Team

In order to respond to and keep up with the fashion of Chinese manufacturing, we attach great importance to product research and development, and we have been constantly improving and updating our technology in terms of technological innovation so that our products are always in the leading position in the industry. We have a senior technical R&D team that has served the automotive industry for many years and is committed to developing and producing various special vehicles to meet the needs of society. And we also have a variety of sophisticated testing and experimental equipment to conduct strict tests on products in the market.

After-sales Service Team

Our company has a technically competent and responsive after-sales service team and we have a 24-hour service hotline. From the time we receive information from users, we will reply within half an hour. We can arrive at the scene quickly and the standard is: 4 hours in the city, 24 hours in the province, and 72 hours outside the province. After the maintenance personnel arrive at the scene, slight failures are guaranteed to be solved within 4 hours and general faults are guaranteed to be solved within 10 hours. For serious failure or special parts damage, clear solutions will be provided within 24 hours and solved thoroughly and promptly.