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Repair And Maintenance

Spare Parts & Installation

Spare Parts: We provide our customers with high-quality spare parts, precise fits, and proper functionality. All spare parts will be delivered by truck.

Installation and maintenance: If necessary, we can provide installation services. After the installation is complete, we can shoot a video to let you know the working status.

Training& Technical Consultation

Training: We can provide training services according to customers' requirements, including product training, operation training, maintenance, and technical training.

Technical consultation: If there is any technical problem, we can provide a solution for the customer in a short time. If it is still not solved, our technicians will come to your location to provide technical support.

Warranty Period

Warranty period: The warranty period of all equipment/accessories is 12 months from the date of shipment or lifetime service is available within 25,000 kilometers of operation;

while pursuing quality, we strive to ensure continuous operation of equipment, long service life, and low operating costs. This ensures our machines offer the best price/performance with the lowest lifetime total cost of ownership.

Quality And Reliability

Our products guarantee the highest quality and reliability. However, as the vehicle ages, the risk of accidental damage or defects may increase.

Therefore, we offer you a warranty extension during which you can choose to extend the warranty period.