Foton Motor Group formed a business team for the spring production target. After the meeting, they decided to visit CLW GROUP.

Here are the visitors from Foton Motor Group: Yang Guotao, one of the members of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Deputy General Manager of Foton Motor Group; Gong Haidong, Vice President of Foton Motor Group, Secretary of the Party Committee, and the Times Business Department; Song Yang, General Manager of the Strategic Customer Marketing Company of Beiqi Foton Motor Co., Ltd. and the other ten leading guests.
Guotao, on behalf of all staff of Foton Motor Group, expressed his deep gratitude to CLW GROUP for its unremitting support and assistance to Foton Motor and took this opportunity to express New Year's blessings and respect to CLW's cadres and employees. Especially as a leading company in the specialty vehicle sector, CLW GROUP has helped Foton Motor Co., Ltd. steadily expand its market in Suizhou.
Mr. Yang made an in-depth interpretation and proposed a package of solutions in a targeted manner for severe and complex changes in the special vehicle market in 2022.
Gong Haidong had close communication with the group to discuss how to establish a closer strategic cooperative relationship in the new year with preferential business policies, decomposition of planned tasks, promotion, and inventory. In terms of logistics and other links, an arrangement has been made for the docking of deployment and practical operation.
Song Yang put forward practical opinions and measures for the Foton Group to increase promotion, further expand market segments, and improve after-sales and service quality in 2022.
Cheng Aluo, CEO of CLW GROUP, and other leaders Cheng Guoqiang, Liu Feng, Yang Jinzhu, Lu Xiaohong, and others participated in the high-level business docking symposium of the two parties.
Cheng Aluo first expressed his heartfelt thanks to the leaders and guests of Foton Motor Group for their first visit to CLTruck on the occasion of the Chinese New Year for work guidance and expressed best wishes for the new year to the staff of Foton. Cheng also pointed out that both parties should not only do more in the marketing and promotion of Foton but also explore new development paths with all products and establish a direct sales model.
CLW GROUP will try its best to help Foton to expand and promote its market in Suizhou with its existing advantageous resources and channels. Cheng Aluo also expressed that he would visit the headquarters of Foton to further cooperate with senior leaders of Foton and put them to a high level.
Cheng Guoqiang made an important speech at the meeting. Secretary Cheng emphasized that we must have a full understanding and research the marketing and conditions of special-purpose vehicle chassis. The dual-drive development of chassis sales and special vehicle modification is listed as the business strategy of CLW GROUP in 2022.
At the same time, Secretary Cheng took this opportunity to call on the leaders of Foton to give support to CLTruck in terms of operation policy, propaganda, finance as well as technology and development, after-sales service, etc. With more support, CLW GROUP will jointly develop the potential market of the special vehicle and emergency industry, and make greater contributions to China's special vehicle manufacturing industry.
March 17, 2022 —